We, at S K Centre are recognised as the most reputed medical centre, offering the best suitable treatment for various types of disease such as Deafness or Hearing Loss, Vertigo & Dizziness, Tinnitus Cure, Smell Disorders, Taste Disorders and many more. Our clinic provides exclusive treatment to the patients at highly economical fees. Our Health Centre was incepted with view to provide excellent quality treatment to the patients and we have achieved prominent position in the field of Otoneurology.

Our Strength:

We are among the few top-notch clinics in India that offer diagnosis and cure for smell and taste disorders while also being trusted Widex hearing-aid dealers.We are your one-stop shop for diagnosis,treatment and cure for any and all problems related to ENT.Our quality of care is second to none and S K Centre has been providing exceptional & outstanding service in Bangalore,for more than 3 decades.

Our Quality Policy:

We provide quality treatment to patients from all over India and some Asian countries as well. We are backed by highly qualified and experienced doctors equipped with all necessary instruments and equipments to offer the highest quality treatment for Hearing Loss. Our stringent quality policy make us highly recognized name in the field of Vertigo Treatment.

Our Top-Notch Facilities:

Our highly advance medical centre offers Hearing and Audio Logic Evaluation, including Audiometry, SISI and Behavioral Hearing Test. We also provide Ethical Dispensing of Programmable Digital Hearing Aids, programming done using NOAH Link and Bluetooth technology, dispensers of Widex hearing aids. S K Centre has expertise over Vertigo evaluation including Electro Nystagmography, Caloric tests, Dix Hallpike Positional tests. Our highly sophisticated clinic conducts Smell test by UPSIT (University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification test). Our clinic also performs Whole mouth and Regional taste for testing Taste Disorder.

Our Objective & Vision:

We have been serving Bangalore for over 30+ years and have earned a reputation for providing personalized, friendly hearing care in an honest and ethical manner. It's this dedication that's allowed us to help so many people, and it's why we're here to stay. The hearing instrument manufacturers have made tremendous advances in technology in recent years; however, the science of hearing care must be utilized in conjunction with the art of fitting the whole person. We at S K Centre pride ourselves on our advanced knowledge, extensive training and compassion for the hearing impaired. We will discuss your questions, concerns and expectations in an effort to enhance your initial experience with new hearing instruments and arrive at a solution that will benefit you, your family and friends in your communication needs.

The Centre is Managed by Dr. SUNIL KATHURIA

Our Services:

Hearing and Audiologic Evaluation including Pure tone Audiometry, SISI and Behavioral Hearing test. This test        identifies the hearing thresholds of the patient at various Frequencies. This would help to qualify the extent of        Hearing impairment of the patient.

Ethical dispensing of Programmable Digital Hearing Aids. This prescriptive procedure is Computer assisted            Bluetooth enabled with Wireless programming. Here the threshold data from various frequencies are entered        into the computer and the required gain and frequency response calculated. Since programming is done by            the ENT Surgeon it is more patient specific and aims to provide for the individual comfort needs of the Patient.        Authorized dispensers of WIDEX hearing aids.

Voice Problem Detecting by Video Stroboscopy.

Vertigo evaluation including Electro Nystagmography (ENG), Caloric tests, Dix Hallpike Positional tests. The            purpose of ENG is to determine whether or not dizziness may be due to Inner Ear disease or a Central                (Intracranial) cause. In Inner Ear lesions the side of lesion can also be inferred.

Smell test by UPSIT (University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification test) is the most accepted method to               qualitatively assess the Smell system. Here the patient’s capability to recognize 40 common odours is                   tested. Based on the number of correct answers the patient’s Smell capability is graded.

Whole mouth and Regional taste test for testing Taste. Here the persons ability recognize the basic taste senses     i.e Sweet, Salty, Bitter and Sour in both halves of the tongue is tested.

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